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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Franchising/Financial Requirements

What are the basic requirements for franchising with Mr. Pretzels®?

Mr. Pretzels® will require that you agree to build, open, and operate the number of kiosks determined reasonable for the territory. Mr. Pretzels® will set the number of kiosks for the territory based upon an analysis of the market. Many factors are considered, including, but not limited to the following considerations: competition, economic, demographic, and geography. Mr. Pretzels® will not grant any development agreements for territories that cannot justify a minimum of 5 kiosks.

If I cannot meet your financial requirements for franchising by myself, can I partner up with other people?

Absolutely. We have many franchisees that have partnered up with other interested parties to become franchisees. However, the partners must be directly involved in the application and negotiation process.

Why does Mr. Pretzels® require that a franchisee have US $30,000 in liquid assets per kiosk to financially qualify?

Mr. Pretzels® has determined that in most cases these numbers are necessary in order for a franchisee to qualify for the loans that are required to build kiosks. We feel that these numbers represent the level of financial responsibility that our franchisees should have.

What are 'Liquid Assets'?

The most common forms are cash, stocks, bonds and inventory.

Real Estate/Development Requirements

Can a franchisee develop outside of shopping centers, airports, and train stations?

Seldom. However, once the brand is established, High Streets and other venues may be considered.

In what types of venues will Mr. Pretzels® build?

Our two most common venues are kiosks and in-line, as part of a shopping center.

Who determines whether or not I can build a kiosk on a particular piece of real estate?

Mr. Pretzels® retains final acceptance authority in all site selections. Once you have submitted the site to Mr. Pretzels® , we conduct an analysis and, when necessary, we visit your location to determine whether or not the location fits the established criteria for development.

Can I buy an existing kiosk and convert it to a Mr. Pretzels® kiosk?

Yes, if the image elements of Mr. Pretzels® can be incorporated into the building being converted. As with any site, the location must first be accepted by Mr. Pretzels® .

What does Mr. Pretzels® look for in a kiosk location or site?

In shopping center locations, total mall traffic is one of the more important factors. The more traffic in the mall, the greater traffic to the area where the kiosk is located.

Does Mr. Pretzels® provide facility and equipment specifications?

Mr. Pretzels® provides facility and equipment specifications. All architectural drawings are to be approved by Mr. Pretzels® Development Services department. Mr. Pretzels® specifies all equipment to perform to expected standards. Only approved equipment is to be used in Mr. Pretzels® kiosks.

Franchisee Support

What type of support do you offer to new franchisees?

Mr. Pretzels® offers a wide variety of services including support in real estate selection, kiosk design and layout, equipment drawings, purchasing support, training and opening support. We also offer ongoing assistance through additional training, operation advisory assistance, marketing assistance, operation manuals and revisions, supplier relations and periodic evaluations of your kiosks and operating systems. Mr. Pretzels® delivers support via highly trained professionals and via technology resources such as password protected web sites.

How do I get the appropriate Mr. Pretzels® training for myself and/or my managers?

Mr. Pretzels® requires that you send the entire management team to a designated Training Center to train in our geographically convenient state-of-the-art training facility. The program lasts approximately 10 days and covers food preparation, equipment, food safety and sanitation, inventory, service, management controls and functions, operations compliance, safety and many other topics. At the end of the program you will be a Certified Manager for Mr. Pretzels® . You will be required to send all members of management to a designated Mr. Pretzels® Training Center until you have established one of your kiosks as a "Certified Training Kiosk.”

What type of support does Mr. Pretzels® offer after I open?

One of the unique aspects of being a Mr. Pretzels® franchisee is that you get personalized service from one of our International Director’s of Operations (IDO’s). Your IDO is your one point of contact with Mr. Pretzels® ; you have only one number to call to get answers on training, operations, marketing, etc. This allows you to build a business relationship with someone who knows you and your business. Mr. Pretzels® also offers ongoing support in many other areas, including development, kiosk construction and opening, marketing, training, and sales-building.

Sales and Earnings Claims

What is the average profit from a Mr. Pretzels® Kiosk?

Each market and territory, especially internationally, are unique and therefore have different costs. When you prepare your Business Plan, you should do proper research to establish those costs based on the local economy.

What is the average unit volume (sales) of a Mr. Pretzels® kiosk?

Each market has different sales potential as well. Again, when you are preparing your Business Plan, you should take into account the economic reality in the local market and conduct thorough research to reach your financial estimates based on other competitors.

What other sales & earnings numbers can you share with a potential franchisee?

Mr. Pretzels® does not furnish or authorize our employees to furnish any oral or written information concerning the actual, average, projected or forecasted sales, costs, income or profits (the "earning capability") of a kiosk.

General Information

Why do you have to build a minimum of 5 kiosks?

We use this minimum to keep our franchise community active and aggressive. The number also requires that you are financially sound enough to continue to grow the Mr. Pretzels® brand.

Is the franchisee required to build all kiosks for your development agreement at once or over a period of time?

Development schedules will vary by the number of kiosks you agree to develop and the Territory you have been granted.

Are there any territorial obligations?

Each franchisee will be granted a specific territory to develop a specific number of stores. Note that there is a territory fee to be granted the exclusive right to develop stores in the selected market. A store cannot be relocated without Mr. Pretzels® prior written approval.

Does Mr. Pretzels® own the real estate and the building or must the franchisee buy them?

The franchisee is responsible for buying or leasing the real estate and for the cost of building the kiosk. We will offer assistance in site selection, architectural design and other areas of construction, but Mr. Pretzels® does not own the real estate or the building.

How long does it normally take to get approved to become a franchisee?

Normally the franchising process takes between 90 and 120 days, although we require a Letter of Intent with a Deposit after the necessary information has been forwarded to both parties.

Once I am approved to become a franchisee, how long until I can actually open a Mr. Pretzels®?

You agree to the opening date of your first kiosk in the development agreement, but as a rule most people open their first kiosk within 6 months.

Should I hire a marketing professional locally to work with Mr. Pretzels® Corporate?

Mr. Pretzels® International recommends that you hire a marketing professional and / or agency locally to work directly with Mr. Pretzels® International Marketing to assist in development and execution of the Mr. Pretzels® Corporate Marketing Programs in your region.

Is there any financial assistance?


Once I become a Mr. Pretzels® Franchisee where do I purchase the products to run my business?

Mr. Pretzels® International Product Development will provide a list of authorized suppliers / distributors from whom you can purchase your ingredients and supplies.

How do I know which menu items will work in my country?

Mr. Pretzels® has a standard menu that is used around the world which can be supplemented as necessary from a list of optional menu items.

Can I add items to the menu that are not standard in the US?

Mr. Pretzels® does allow some variance but they are considered from market to market. We work very closely with our Franchise Partners to develop products that are popular in the local market.

Can I buy local items to supply my kiosk?

Mr. Pretzels® will try to help you source as much product locally that meets Mr. Pretzels® specifications.